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The Pashley-Moulton TSR: Suspend Preconceptions

by Warren McLaren, Sydney on Oct 6, 2006

In Suspend Preconceptions, Warren gives a quick yet thorough recap of the Moulton's development up through the Pashley-Moulton TSR 8 (Phoenix), 27 (DualDrive) and 30 (Veloce). Concise and to the point, it's well worth a read.

Also on TreeHugger:

See also the official Pashley-Moulton TSR website and…
Wheels of desire: the return of the Pashley from The Independent --"They've been hand-making bikes for 70 years, but never before have Pashley's elegant two-wheelers been so sought after. Ed Caesar visits the firm's tiny factory to find workers struggling to keep up with demand".

The Pashley Classics:

  • The Princess Sovereign
    • Perfect for Miss Marple Wannabes
    • Ride on the mean streets of Shepton Mallet
    • Special features Five-speed gearbox, a skirtguard and chaincase (so that your flowing summer dress does not come to a sticky end).
    • What's in your basket? A bottle of ginger beer and a jar of home-made jam
  • The Deli Bike
    • Perfect for Cheeky scamps.
    • Ride on the mean streets of The farmers' market
    • Special features A massive nameplate on which you can advertise your wares, a small front wheel, and a steel front carrier that can hold 25kg
    • What's in your basket? Bacon, loaves of bread, and luvverly fresh fruit
  • The Tube Rider
    • Perfect for Surfer dudes
    • Ride on the mean streets of Santa Barbara
    • Special features Easy-ridin' cruise position ensured by the sweeping handlebars and lowseat, twist-grip gears, and a range of washed-out colours
    • What's in your basket? Nothing but air

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