Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blue Bike Transporter

The Blue bike transporter with the sturdy wrap around kickstand is a delightful bike. It is a very common commuting and shopping bike, made by Bridgestone in Japan. Not light, but very practical, with three sealed internal gears, rear hub brake and oil-less belt drive to keep your paints clean. The front lamp is powered by a Sanyo® brand generator front hub coupled to a photo-sensitive lamp that turns on and and off automatically as needed. The front basket is a tight weave, such that coins won't even fall out. The rear basket converts from basket to baby seat, and then to old Rudge bike carrier (one of our long term employees actually tours the countryside on that Rudge.)
Blue Bike Transporter
Bridgestone delivering the Rudge!

The remarkable Bridgestone bike has rims made from Stainless Steel, not chrome like the poser's use. Sorry folks, they are both spoken for.

Yours in Cycling,
Gilbert Anderson

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