Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old "F-Frame" Movie: The Original Moulton

A British Pathe video documentary on the original F-Frame Moulton—the world's first full-suspension bicycle.

The "F-frame" was Dr. Moultons original production (1962-1974), preceding the sale to Raleigh and the modern "space-frame" AMs. The name comes from the shape of the frame without the front fork. The "F" shape is seen as the frame lies on the side and generally refers to the 1960's models. (The "Bridgestone Moulton" is a new aluminum "F" Frame.)

As the film notes, this dream bike was designed to replace not just traditional bicycles, but automobiles.

The video is 2 minutes long and a high-speed connection is recommended for the optimal experience. Audio is okay with slow-speed but some might wish to go to Google Videos and download the whole movie for best playback. Much of the footage was shot on location at "The Hall" the Moulton estate in Bradford-on-Avon, where research, design and production is carried on daily. The Hall also serves as a meeting and demonstration ground for the annual "Moulton Bicycle Club Bradford on Avon Weekend".

"The first real change in cycle design since the penny-farthing became outmoded."

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