Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm the Ice Cream Man, honey, I'll be Good to You.

"Ice-cream is exquisite—what a pity it isn't illegal."

Pashley 33
A fine machine (click the image for specs),
but there ARE alternatives…

The April 2006 article "Wheels of desire: the return of the Pashley" (published in The Independent) notes:

"Pashley is making serious headway in London with its work-bikes. The sandwich chain Pret-a-Manger uses Pashleys to courier its lunchtime orders around the city, and Green & Blacks uses the fridge-loaded, ice-cream vending trike to keep its organic chocolate cool. Domino's Pizza, a recent convert to Pashley, was, perhaps, a little hasty in choosing red for the colour of their work-bikes; the police came knocking at their headquarters, convinced they had stolen the bicycles from the Royal Mail."

The specs indicate a load capacity of 200kg—that's nearly a quarter-ton! (31 stone.) But, as the most reputable Pashley dealer in Caswell County, we at North Road Bicycle Imports are compelled to note, in the interest of full disclosure, that the "33" (lovely bike though it is) is NOT your only choice when it comes to delivering those frozen confections that the youngsters adore:

fridge on bicycle
(Sorry, not in stock.)

"I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passin’ by
Oh my my, I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passin’ by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy."

—V. Halen
fridge on bicycle
(A customer-pick-up-only item)

More on the "Domino's" deal here.

Yours in Cycling,
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