Friday, January 30, 2009

New Series Movie: The Innovative Engineer—Alex Moulton

A video documentary interview for Bath University Engineering Department Training. Fascinating; really, Free Movie.

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I had this as a video but now it is in the public domain. It is better with a high-speed connection.

Please understand that this is a late 1990's film with older bikes featured, as they have changed a bit since then, but the movie is fascinating none the less. Please feel free to email or call with questions (calling is better as somethings are hard to explain without real-time interaction!).

The video is 20 minutes long and a high-speed connection is recommended for the optimal experience. Audio is okay with slow-speed but some might wish to go to Google Videos and download the whole movie for best playback.

Our Nickname: "Our Friend the Steel"

This is an early film of the design and development of the revolutionary Alex Moulton New Series bicycle. Although the bicycle has been updated considerably since it's introduction the design and engineering fundamentals are insist-rated here. Interview with Dr. Alex Moulton himself and lots of Moulton history and shots of his lovely home and grounds near Bath in England. North Road Bicycle proudly imports all forms of Moulton Bicycles for USA sales and distribution.

Best Quote: "Nobody Owns the Laws of Nature."

Best Observation: Alex's Ink-Method of idea incubation & illustration

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