Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Us

North Road Bicycle Imports is a treat to visit. High in the A. H. Motz building overlooking Courthouse Square (off North Road), visitors to the shop are greeted by a lively macaw ("Mikey") and an energetic Border Collie ("Moo"). North Road Bicycle Imports sells a variety of dealer brand used bikes.

The shop specializes in new Pashley bikes from England and is also the U.S. importer for the Alex Moulton Co. (also in England). Moulton, an 85-year-old British engineer, is famous for his uniquely designed bicycles that separate for traveling. Not cheap, these engineering works of art start at USD $1,300.

North Road Bicycle Imports
P.O. Box 840
166 Courthouse Square
Yanceyville NC 27379

Caswell County: (919) 828-8999.

Note to stalkers & arch-enemies: The street-savvy assassin knows the value of familiarizing oneself with the battle-ground. To this end, we provide this handy slideshow of our premises!

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