Friday, January 30, 2009

Moulton's small-wheeler up for an Award

Hippyshopper says:
Moulton NS Speed Stainless
Still prevaricating about whether to ditch the bus for an about-town bicycle? Here's an incentive to help you off the fence: Alex Moulton's classic NS Speed Stainless bike (pictured) is up for a design award for its featherlight weight, gorgeous looks and ability to motor along despite having tiny wheels. Regardless of whether it wins, the nomination by James "cyclone vac" Dyson adds a lot of credibility to this ideal city commuter. It's up against the iPod, Millennium Dome and Jasper Morrison in the New Designers' awards.
You can vote here and find an Alex Moulton dealer here . [found via Treehugger]

Even non-hippies can vote for their (my) favorite bicycle in this British design competition. There is, naturally, only one bike—which makes things a bit one sided—but as Grant Peterson might say: "There is nothing wrong with that."

Besides, good touring bikes don't get much press. Vote early and often; no lines, no waiting, everybody counts.

Yours in Cycling,
Gilbert "They hate us for our small wheels" Anderson

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