Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Martin de Blois

Martin de Blois is working in Taiwan. Now, his Moulton (and work) may take him to China, Vietnam and BEYOND!!!

Martin's bike is a custom Moulton AM Esprit (from our shop) with SON generator hub and home-built custom carriers.

Begin forwarded message:

This was an amazing trip...
Bike worked very fine with my own luggage rack design.

I am extending my work stay and will probably go west China, north of Vietnam...
Or, I might go back to Taiwan to ride the TOROKO Gorges...2600 meters in 40 km !
Want to make sure I have all I need...
The bike climbed kmeters of 7% incline without problem, not up on the pedals, but very upright.
I have climbed severe hills for long stretches in Taiwan.
Very happy with the bike. Want to mod the front wheel fender flipper...makes noise I think...


P.S. No, the saddle bags are not rubbing on back wheel or derailleur. (Secret bracket !)
All is KD. I made a very nice hose clamp for the lower frame attachment, all in stainless !
Worked perfectly and fits in the box with all the bike.
I am polishing the box and will send images as well.

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