Saturday, July 25, 2009

LEL: London-Edinburgh-London 2009

Shaun Moulton is a busy man. When he is not building walls for charity organizations in Uganda, or running the world's most advanced bicycle manufacturer, he enjoys riding a bicycle that is made in his workshop here, there and from London to Edinburgh and back!

This year, our shop has numerous friends participating in LEL including five randonneurs from North Carolina (the NC contingent would be larger, but ride registration closed before Christmas!). With a route 16% longer than PBP, the ride is a pleasant little trot around the island. The riders will enjoy a generous 20 hours of sunlight each day, enabling them to complete the day's journey and relax with a pint before sundown. They may enjoy more pleasant weather than PBP…maybe.

We'll be following their progress on Shawn's blog, listening for Mike's audio updates, and checking in at The Bike Show. Do join us!


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