Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yanceyville Velo News

I got busted by twenty-some odd police officers who were cycling through earlier this week. I have been losing weight, but by the mug shot photo below, there is no evidence.

Friday, Jack "Bing" Warman and his Courthouse Tour crew visited. They took Adrian's route; Amtrak to Greensboro, bike to Hanging Rock State Park (camped on a hill), then Bike Route 4 to Yanceyville (Camped on another hill behind the Courthouse); breakfast at Evelyn's then on to Kerr lake on Saturday and then ride home to Durham on Sunday?
Sue and I joined them for dinner at Azariah's Olde Storehouse downtown. Great bunch and many tall tales were shared.

Wayne Clark grew up riding with ancien Dick SeeBode (RUSA No. 0292) in Ohio and was on the trip. Dick is 78 years old and still looks and sounds like Homer Simpson.

Here is the whole group Saturday morning. I was impressed as they all rode full-on Touring bikes though there were only two brands, two models and two sizes. So much for diversity in America.

Around noon, a hundred riders or so came through on the Grove Winery Gears & Cheers Wine Tour. They have a great route marker (Dan Henry) with a wine glass and arrow.

We are a cycling destination! Now, if I can just convert the jail into a Youth Hostel and make book on the T-Shirts; slogan being, "I spent the night at the Caswell County Jail and all I got was this stinkin T-shirt."

Yours in Cycling,
Gilbert Anderson
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  1. Cool! Follow Bing's Courthouse Tour 2010 live here:

    "Classic country music, Star Wars on TV, Karaoke on Fridays and burgers. David Lynch lunch in Virgilina. #fb (@ Gatrell's Cowboy Up) "

    Meanwhile, Ian continues the 600 in my Randon China Maillot.

    The Giro rolls on too...

  2. Hi Gilbert, I'm not sure I get the "only two sizes" comment -- I was the only one riding 26" wheels, all the others had 700c. Is that what you meant? As far as lack of diversity - my LHT is new but I looked for about 4-5 months for an alternate that was as affordable and sadly none existed. I'm sure your Moultons are fantastic but out of my price range!

  3. Hey Gilbert, thanks for your kind hospitality while we were in Yanceyville. We had a really great time and it is fully attributable to your kindness. I waited way too long to get to your shop, you've got quite a gem tucked away there in Yville. Your restaurant recommendation was great, and we those of us who pitched our tents behind the courthouse are supremely grateful for the accomodations.

    A couple minor edits to your post above. First, to say Wayne "grew up with" Dick may be adding a few years to Wayne inappropiately. :-) As I understand the stories, they were definitely contemporaries in the central Ohio cycling scene back in the day, but the gap in age is large enough that it'd be tough to say they grew up together. I won't tell Wayne you think he looks like he's 78 yrs old. :-)

    And its Durham, Gilbert, "home to *Durham* on Sunday." How dare you. ;-)

    Thanks again for everything, Gilbert, it was a great trip and our visit to Yville was definitely among the highlights!


  4. On the diversity comment. As I recall there were six cyclists on two different make and models of bicycles; the Trek 520 and Surly Long Haul Trucker, both excellent for loaded touring. As a group this was certainly most appropriately equipped loaded touring group to ever visit Yanceyville. A great group all round.

  5. JAck, Are you saying Wayne did not grow up with Dick "Homer Simpson" Seebode? What kinda poseur is he then. Hey I'm 53 and I did.
    Regards, Gilbert

  6. Gilbert, really cool pictures. I love all that company coming through your neck of the woods.

    Mike / Raleigh

  7. Hi Gilbert -

    Thanks for the blogpost about our tour through Yanceyville in May. Just a clarification on ages. I did ride a lot with Dick Seebode during my formative years of cycling in the 70's and 80's. He was my cycling mentor way back then and continues to be to this day. Dick is about 20 years older than me. I turn 60 next week.

    Also, I just rode with Dick on the Across Ohio Bicycle Adventure (XOBA) in late July. On our overnight in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Chuck Harris and his wife came over from Gambier and sold rear view mirrors to the XOBA riders. I took a photo of Dick and Chuck for you and will send it to you in a separate email.

    Both Chuck and Dick send their regards to you.

    I hope to swing through Yancyville on a ride this autumn and, if I do, I'll be sure to stop by the shop and say hello.

    Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality on our tour in May.


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